Mission & Vision



Our mission is to reach a position which will enable us to build a positive market environment together with our competitors, driven by a desire to offer our customers premium quality at reasonable prices. We will continue to improve our knowledge and deliver new solutions though ongoing technological development of our production lines for hygienic paper processing. By keeping up with the trends in the market for the final products, we will be able to offer innovative solutions to our customers, thus helping them become market leaders. One of the main objectives is to position the company in the global market and create a recognisable brand bearing the designation “Made in Serbia”. We strive to reach and maintain the leading position in the market. According to the most recent assessments, we are ranked third in Europe in terms of production and quality of paper processing machines. We aim for the top!

Our primary goal is to ensure that “9. Septembar” keeps growing and developing. We intend to expand our production network, enter new markets and maintain our leadership in the market for paper goods.

We also aim to grow on the inside and attract young and ambitious people, especially engineers, to join our team and drive the company’s development team to reach the height of excellence. If we succeed in developing and growing further, we also intend to expand our production facilities.