Napkin Production Line

Highly efficient and reliable
Improved automatic napkin transport
Designed for simpler every day operation

Max capacity 3600 pcs/min
Min and max napkin format: 220×220 mm to 400×400 mm
Reel diameter: up to 1600 mm
Standard number: pcs/packs 50
Min and max pack height: 20 – 120 mm
Dimensions of the machine: 8500×5400 mm
Installed power: 28 kW
Compressed air 6 bar, consumption (600 l/min)
Napkin counting: Automatic
Transport: Automatic
Noise level:
Converting material: 2×17 gr/m2, 3×15 gr/m2,
Nonwoven textile Airlaid, DRC
All machines are being produced according to CE rules