Service Parts

Service Parts & Software Support

When you purchase the machine from 9. September - Tissue Converting D.O.O. , you will be provided with Service Book. It is a helpful guide, that includes the entire machine divided in major groups, and described in details. Each controlled peace of the machine is marked and identified by a number, so you can find its information in the Service Book, and easily place an order for spare parts from us.

Beside Service Parts, our After Sales Service team is proud with its Software Support. We have a very efficient system of communicating with our clients through Team Viewer , and also connecting to the machine directly online. We are able to update to new versions of software and reprogram things without having to be there fiscally. Remote Service is one of the biggest cost savings feature we are offering.

Our goal is to provide 24/7 After Sales Service, and to assure that, we are using only the highest end components (from the world renown partners), that are available world wide. Most of the Service Parts we have available in our facilities, but in case there is a shortage, we make sure that they are shipped within 7-15 working days (depending on how specific the part is).

We are using the highest end machinery like Hass in production of the Spare parts, as we do believe that the most important thing for the perfect functioning of the machine (beside engineering) is the quality of the parts we use.