The Kangaroo jumps into the market!

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5 August 2016, Comments Comments Off on The Kangaroo jumps into the market!

Let us share a secret with you…

Everything starts with our customers. So, we put great attention to figure out how to help our customers business grow. We anticipate customers needs, but also the needs of  the customers of our customers to stay ahead of their expectations.

Thanks to many inspiring conversations, but on the bases of wide production experience and deep knowledge of machinery we have developed new Dynamix X machine which produces Kangaroo napkins.

Kangaroo napkins are the next big global market trend for the restaurant and catering industry.

Restaurants are always looking for innovative options, and Kangaroo napkins fit that need. They are chic and simple, but at the same time bring sophisticated character to tables. Napkins can be made out of premium material, which makes these napkins state of the art, but also from  multiply tissue paper with lamination or print on it, which can provide unique design, style and form. These napkins are outstanding on any table.

Single wrapped Kangaroo napkins are perfect product for catering industry. Disposable Kangaroo napkin comes in a foil which keeps the napkin perfectly hygienic during the time, but also can be a place to print and expose company logo or slogan. Wonderful product for catering, party tables or picnics.

Our first Dynamix X machine has started with the production of Kangaroo napkins this July in customer`s factory in Italy. Flow pack, integrated into machine, allows Dynimix X to produce single wrapped Kangaroo napkins as well as unwrapped Kangaroo napkins. We strongly believe that the Kangaroo napkins can and will impact customer`s business.

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