We strive to satisfy our curent and future customers with exeptional quality of our products (production lines), by answering to the curent and future demands in increasingly global market. 9.Septembar team constantly works on improvements, such as continuous increase in capacity, but also the reliability, which leads to the implementation of last generation electronic equipment and complex mechanical assemblies that improve productivity. All of this requires knowledgeable and educated operator (mechanical, electrical engineering or graphic directions), trained to serve and correctly use the production line.

Why is this important?

Although TRAINING may seem unnecessary to some customer, usually it turns out that this investment is most justified and that pays of it self very quickly. Customers invest in their own production, through increased training of employees, considering that machine capacity and reliability depends hugely on the qualifications of the operator. It is very important that the high end quality of the modern and new equipment, is handeled by capable operators.

Manufacturer's recommendations for the training duration:
  • HC-075 M i HC-150 M at least 5 working days;
  • NC-801 Flash;NC-1601 Flash at least 7 working days;
  • NC-600 M;NC-1200 M at least 5 working days;
  • NC-603 EVOLUTION at least 7 working days;
  • NC-600 P4;NC-600 P3;NC-600 P2 at least 8 working days;
  • RP-1700 at least 4 working days.

* Machine lines containing a section of the printing and lamination section requires operators training in duration of at least10 days.