40 years of success

The company 9.Septembar – Tissue Converting was founded od September 9, 1982 in Cacak, Serbia. Four friends joined forces with an idea to improve the way how automated production lines are built. They started in a garage, with plenty of experience, ideas and dreams about revolutionizing the way certain industries produce their products.

From a small shop, which is named after the date of establishment, we have become a developed company that performs at prestigious European and world fairs.

Since than, we have been upgrading our operations to reflect modern developments in the business paradigm, built around high standards, continual improvement and product range expansion. We have kept abreast of new trends and introduced new manufacturing processes and quality systems to improve our product range.

9.Septembar is held in high regard and has built a strong reputation among business partners and customers across the globe. Our Napkin and Handkerchief machines are instantly recognizable brands and have become synonymous for high quality.

Our mission is clear

Our mission is driven by a desire to offer our customers premium quality at reasonable prices. By keeping up with the trends in the market for the final products, we are able to offer innovative solutions to our customers, thus helping them become market leaders.

Our Vision

Our primary goal is to ensure that “9. Septembar” keeps growing and developing. We intend to expand our production network, enter new markets and maintain our leadership in the market for paper goods.

We also aim to grow on the inside and attract young and ambitious people, especially engineers, to join our team and drive the company’s development team to reach the height of excellence. We also intend to expand our production facilities.


Our strong dedication to quality requires an exceptional level of knowledge and experience, to ensure we are perfectly placed to fully meet the market demand. For this reason, our 130 employees are continually honing and fine-tuning their professional skills.

Our development and innovation team includes 22 bright young mechanical and electrical engineers. Their presence is the best possible guarantee of future progress and success of our company. We deliver advanced solutions, thanks to our one-stop-shop with integrated functional units:

• Design and development
• Manufacture of all kinds of machine parts
• Assembly and installation
• Purchasing
• Programming and software development
• Maintenance
• Round-the-clock technical support