• High performing fully automated modular napkin production line
  • Minimum downtime for changing of the paper roll – turret unwinder with electromechanical and hydraulical replacement system (lift system)
  • Minimum downtime for changing of the embossing roller – cassette system with trolley on rails (up to 15 min)
  • Fast change of folding heads with trolley and crane system
  • Optional: Manual napkin transport
  • Optional: HoReCa transport designed for Bulk/HoReCa Packs of napkins

Min and max napkin format: from 200×200 mm to 400×400 mm

Min and napkin format with HoReCa transport: from 200x200mm to 330x330mm

Min and max pack height:
20 – 200 mm

Folding options:
1/8 M fold, 1/8 A fold, ¼ fold, ¼ Z fold, 1/6 fold

Converting material:
Tissue Paper min 1 x 16 gr/m2, 2 x 15 gr/m2, 3 x 14 gr/m2, Nonwoven, Airlaid, DRC, Spunlace

Napkin counting: