• Vacuum based production of disposable Kangaroo napkins
  • Designed with modular concept in mind, configured according to requests
  • Option 1: flow pack, integrated in machine, allows production of single wrapped Kangaroo napkins
  • Option 2: outgoing conveyor for standard Kangaroo napkins pack (single or double)
  • Option 3: single Kangaroo wrapped with paper rings

Napkin dimensions: from 230 mm to 420 mm (upon customers request)
Fold: 1/8 Book fold; 1/6; 1/4
Converting material: Tissue Paper, Airlaid, Nonwoven, Spunlace
Additional options: Lamination section, Printing section, Paper ring wrapping unit
Installed power: 3 phase x 400/230 V + PE; P max = 35 kW
Compressed air pressure/consumption: 6 bar (800 l/min)