We believe in the power of collaboration. Our partnership with Mexican company Fábricas de Papel Potosíi is a testament to that belief.

With over 40 years of experience in the tissue industry, Papel Potosi's journey to excellence is an inspiring one.

Our collaboration with Papel Potosi has started in 2020, when the company invested in 9.Septembar Double Napkin Production Line. In the following year,  Papel Potosi acquired another Double Napkin Production Line, same type as previous.

Thanks to these two lines, 16.000 napkins per minute  are produced in this factory!

💥We invite you to witness Papel Potosi's journey firsthand.
In this video, Andrea Raffaelli, Head of the technical production department at Fábricas de Papel Potosí, shares their experience and impressions of working with our equipment.


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