Production Lines

Our napkin making machines are instantly recognizable brands and have become synonymous with high quality. Not only we can provide a Custom Made Solution for all your needs, but we are researching the market to offer you technologies of the future today and at an affordable price point.


Production Lines

We have started our Paper Converting adventure by producing this machine first, that is why it is one of the best and most reliable machines of its kind on the market. Our strong point is that we have improved the transportation from the converting machine to the packaging to perfection. So not only our machines are fast and reliable, they are also fully automated.


Production Lines

MATS is a modular machine designed for the production of disposable placemats. As per customer request, placemats can be produced of different materials, in different sizes, becoming multifunctional products that can be used also in the medical, beauty and vets sectors.


Table Clothes
Production Lines

With it`s modular design, ASTall offers the production of high quality table clothes in different designs, shapes and dimensions.

Every minute, this production line converts parent roll to more than 100 high-quality table clothes.


Protective Pads
Production Lines

We have been implementing and developing new line of product – machines which produce disposable, impermeable protective pads. Final product can be on roll or folded.



Every paper converting factory has a strong demand for Winders and Slitters. In order to fulfill it, we deliver simple and reliable machines. No matter if it is Airlaid, DRC or Tissue paper, our winders and slitters will have a key role in support of production lines. Fast and reliable Winders & Slitters can be made in any reasonable size.